Sit back, sip a cocktail and see it all in great company

Sit back, sip a cocktail and see it all in great company at Centra Bar & Lounge. This centrally located social scene is an exotic yet welcoming escape surrounded by all the casino action offering the ideal locale for mingling with friends new and old. A warm and inviting area to call your own, Centra is a great place to enjoy casual Las Vegas style with a drink in hand and playing your favorite poker and video slot games at the bar. And with today’s must-see sporting events broadcasting live on Centra’s screens, you have quite the incentive to hang around and see what the next play may be.

Date & Times

Mon - Sun Open24 Hours

Dress Code

Nightly DJs in September

DJ DJamez: 8/28, 9pm-1am

DJ GC: 8/29, 9pm-1am

DJ Deniro: 8/30, 9pm-1am

DJ Eddy D: 8/31, 9pm-1am

DJ Nasty Sho: 9/01, 9pm-1am

DJ Raphiki: 9/02, 7pm-11pm
DJ KC Ray: 11pm-3am

DJ Filltom: 9/03, 7pm-11pm
DJ Tanastadi: 11pm-3am

DJ Tmyk: 9/04, 9pm-1am

DJ Corona: 9/05, 9pm-1am

DJ Impakt: 9/06 9pm-1am

DJ GC: 9/07, 9pm-1am

DJ Lew: 9/08, 9pm-1am

DJ Kriscut: 9/09, 7pm-11pm
DJ Slip: 11pm-3am

DJ Tanastadi: 9/10, 7pm-11pm
DJ Tmyk: 11pm-3am

DJ DJamez: 9/11, 9pm-1am

DJ GC: 9/12, 9pm-1am

DJ Deniro: 9/13, 9pm-1am

DJ Eddy D: 9/14, 9pm-1am

DJ Impakt: 9/15, 9pm-1am

DJ Kriscut: 9/16, 7pm-11pm
DJ Slip: 11pm-3am

DJ KC Ray: 9/17, 7pm-11pm
DJ Tanastadi: 11pm-3am

DJ Exile: 9/18, 9pm-1am

DJ Free: 9/19, 9pm-1am

DJ GC: 9/20, 9pm-1am

DJ Mark Mac: 9/21, 9pm-1am

DJ Tanastadi: 9/22, 9pm-1am

DJ Enoc: 9/23, 7pm-11pm
DJ DJamez: 11pm-3am

DJ Slip: 9/24, 7pm-11pm
DJ Kriscut: 11pm-3am

DJ Raphiki: 9/25, 9pm-1am

DJ Eddy D: 9/26, 9pm-1am

DJ Deniro: 9/27, 9pm-1am

DJ Tmyk: 9/28, 9pm-1am

DJ Enoc: 9/29, 9pm-1am

DJ Exile: 9/30, 7pm-11pm
DJ Deniro: 11pm-3am



Located in the center of the Casino

Walking Directions

From the Parking Garage

Walk across the walkway and enter the hotel. Walk down the stairs and into the casino, Centra Bar and Lounge will be straight ahead.

From the Main Valet Entrance

Enter the hotel and walk into the casino. Pass the M life desk and you will see the Centra Bar and Lounge in the center of the casino.

Hours of operation

Mon - Sun Open 24 Hours


This bar features unique lighting effects across the ceiling based off the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights.


The comfortable furniture and high energy make Flight bar a great place to party.