TENDER Steak & Seafood

TENDER steak & seafood

TENDER Steak & Seafood is a rare breed of steakhouse. For starters, it’s the only place in Vegas that serves bison. Vegans and vegetarians love eating here. And everything on the menu is sustainable—prepared in ways that won’t butcher our delicate ecosystem.

TENDER offers one of the most impressive selections of dry- and wet-aged steaks you’ll ever experience. The eight-ounce, range-fed New Zealand filet kicks off a list of notable cuts including five Rib eyes—each different from the other—a 24-ounce Black Angus porterhouse, and a curated lamb tasting from Anderson Ranch in Oregon.

For seafood lovers, TENDER fishes big eye tuna from the Hawaiian Islands, whitefish from the Great Lakes, salmon from Canadian rivers and lobster from the coasts of Maine.

But perhaps most jaw dropping of all is the collection of cheese. To TENDER Executive Chef KC Fazel, this is the best part of the menu—stacked with cheeses like Truffle Tremor Goat, Purple Moon Cheddar and Pleasant Ridge Reserve Gruyére.

There’s something for everyone to devour at TENDER.

Wine Spectator Award

"Tender Steak & Seafood has every cut you could want, cooked to whatever doneness your heart desires." - Vegas Rated Magazine

"This steakhouse goes beyond your normal filet mignon." - Vegas Rated Magazine

"Truly adventurous diners are wild about K.C. Fazel’s game-meat program at Tender." - Vegas Seven

"TENDER Steak & Seafood in Luxor Las Vegas makes every night date night." -

"K.C. Fazel is one of Las Vegas’ best-kept secrets when it comes to the city’s top chefs." -

"The Luxor-located restaurant bares all the marks of a classic steakhouse, and so much more." - Vegas Magazine

"Inside the pyramid of the Luxor Las Vegas lies a Tender Steak & Seafood, a delicious dining gem." - Vegas Magazine

"The steak was perfectly cooked and every mouthful of the meat oozed flavor." - The Greenock Telegraph

"Chef K.C. Fazel has one of the most creative steakhouse menus around, so prepare youself to be dazzled." - Vegas Seven Magazine

"Tender, helmed by Chef K.C. Fazel, is one of the great unsung steakhouses on the Strip." - Vegas Weekly

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